Tracking Your Time Down To The Minute

Often times, we get emails from our customer asking what books we’d recommend graduating seniors to read. As you prepare for graduation and your final quarter in college, its common that the thirst for knowledge increases. Education and learning doesn’t stop when you put on your graduation stoles and gowns, but rather commencement is the beginning. The beginning of that next chapter in your life.

But I digress… back to books. There are quite a few, but one book in particular that we’ve grown fond of is the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. ┬áIf you haven’t already heard about this book, check it out on Amazon or do a Google search for some reviews.

This week’s post is inspired by a post on Tim’s blog which highlights a case study of a husband/father who is living the “4 hour work week lifestyle”

If you’re interested to see how this father has broken down his week, down to the granular level of even time he spends with daily hygiene, take a look at the full blog post here.

Has anyone done a time tracking experiment like this in college? We’d be interested to see how our customers spend their days, splits between class, leisure, studying, food and more!

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