One Habit at a Time

“Please note that this is one habit period — don’t think you can do one fitness habit, one social habit, one work habit, etc. One habit only. Do not break this rule.”

Habits. We’ve all made new ones, broken old ones, and repeated the cycle. Along with new years resolutions, it’s often this time of year when everyone seems to be reevaluating their lives or the next step before dawning those graduation sashes and gowns.

Today we wanted to focus on tips to creating a new habit. The post is inspired by a blog post from ZenHabits.

Two of our favorite takeaways from the post?

“Only do the habit once a day, and again, just for a minute or two each day.” – This is so true. Especially when it comes to exercising. Even starting with 5 push-ups a day could make a big difference and as you build onto that habit, running, cardio, weights and more will follow naturally.

And secondly “Don’t Miss Two Straight Days. This is the key. ” – We couldn’t agree more!  Missing two days in a row, or taking a “break” from your diet that spans from Friday to Sunday might not be too beneficial to your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Set some new goals, start a new habit, and finish strong on your way to graduation!

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