Graduation Tip: Watch Your Spending!

Today’s graduation tips moves away from the classroom and more to everyday life.  In your last semester at college, your spending may get a little out of control:

  • Weekend Leisure Expenses
  • Grad School Applications
  • Graduation Photos
  • Graduation Apparel (Stoles, Gowns, Invitations, etc.)
  • Moving expenses

If you are currently working, hopefully these added expenses will not hurt you too much, but its important to keep track of money coming in and money leaving.

Be sure to budget out everything, as the last thing you’ll want to do is get into debt when entering the real world.
A great financial blog that we’d highly recommend is Get Rich Slowly.  If you’re not really a blog research/reading type of person and prefer a book in your hand, check out the recommendations of the top 25 finance books available.

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