Graduation Tip: Long Portraits!

The best thing Jacqueline saw this week from Photojojo on Vimeo.
Today’s graduation tip is a little more on the fun side.  Okay, so we’re cheating a little, we featured the idea of long portraits last year (originally from PhotoJojo), but wanted to bring it back as a graduation tip!

Why is this so awesome? Everyone is already taking pictures in their last quarter of college and posting it on Facebook, but why not take video portraits of your friends?  If you’re still a little confused, a video portrait / long portrait is just a 30 second clip of the person being themselves.  This can be totally random, serious, funny, or off the wall.

It’s all up to you! So what are you waiting for?  Maybe your friend will become the next President of the United States, and well this video will… it’ll be fun to look back on later!

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