What If Students Went on Strike?

People on strike
via flickr
With the WGA Strike just 2 days old I find myself contemplating the purchase of an annual NetFlix subscription. Some of my favorite shows may come to a halting end soon, including The Office, Prison Break & Heroes. What will happen to Jim and Pam, will they last? Will Scofield make it out of Sona? And Heroes… where do I begin?
Now the thing that is interesting about this strike is what if it wasn’t the writers on strike, but students across the country? Now I’m talking massive university to university strikes for X reason. That reason could be because of high book prices, a new 4-year cap on universities, the war on Iraq, etc. With the power of facebook, we know this is possible. If Stephen Colbert’s Presidential Group can grow to 1,000,000 strong in just a matter of 5 days, I’m sure some worthwhile cause can make it around the schools just as quickly. Is this rebellion soon to come? Will it happen in this school year, or are we still far away?

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