The School Newspaper, Now for Alumnus!

Coffee and Newspaper
As an alumni of UC Santa Barbara, I often find myself reading the online version of my alma mater’s newspaper (The Daily Nexus) to see what has changed. I vividly remember skateboarding to 8am classes and grabbing a paper on the way and then selectively reading columns while chugging down a Hansen’s Energy Drink (on sale/20 pack/ CostCo) during class. The newspaper served both it’s informative as well as entertainment purposes. I even remember writing to the newspaper and having my article published! (Yes, you can find the online version “Nexus Neglects Multi-Cultural Greek Groups” as well as a great illustration). I’ve graduated only slighting more than a year ago and since then the paper and energy drink have been replaced by a cup of iced coffee and Google Reader filled with various feeds.

There have been so many changes around the Santa Barbara campus:
– A new parking structure resurrected adjacent to the SRB (Student Resource Building). Now this isn’t any parking structure, think of the high-class ones located near airports that charge $35/day to park, offer valet service, carwashing, and waxing services while you are gone. Ya, now think of one of those + CLEAN and well lit!
– A new Student Resource Building that is home to many great student organizations.
– Numerous other new buildings including those for the Dance, Psychology & Physics Departments.
– A huge graduate student housing development that spans the size of about 4-5 soccer fields.
– And probably the most shocking, the student-started delivery service for the 24/7 Freebirds Mexican Food.

While these changes may seem small in text, it is amazing how much the physical surroundings of colleges change. So much emphasis is placed on the change and development of students, and while I am a true believer of this, I believe the surroundings and physical appearance of many schools change just as quickly the dorm rooms that are reassigned annually.

Tell me I am not the only alumni who reads the online version of his school’s newspaper?

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