Travel Like a Student and Save

How ya doing students? You are right in the thick of it all, classes, exams, football games. But you can see those holiday breaks in the not-so-far-off distance, can’t you? First comes Thanksgiving and then just a Black Friday shopping day and a few ugly sweater parties later and your long deserved holiday break will arrive.

What will you be doing?

If you’ve decided to take some of that time off to do some traveling, then we’ve got a one word for you.

Hovelstay pegs itself as the “anti-luxury marketplace” and provides cheap and easy accommodations for those on a budget. Originally the website started as a niche marketplace catering only to college students with a .edu email address. But now the site is open for all to use, but is still particularly useful for students on a budget.

Travelers can find spare rooms, mattresses, couches and yes, even bales of hay to stay on for just a few dollars a night in cities throughout the US and countries around the globe.

Visitors to the site can search three different priced categories of accommodation: Survivor Hovels, Good Enough or Clean and Comfortable. Some of the spots, like a bungalow in Nicaragua, go for as little as $10 a night. A guest room in Bali can run you $12 a night, and if you really feel like splurging, you can book a straw igloo in The Netherlands for $95 a night.

So, where will you be traveling this holiday break?

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