Which Job is Unique to Your State?

Just when you thought you knew everything about your home state, something new turns up.

The folks over at Mental Floss and Careerbuilder have compiled data from across the United States identifying key regional occupations or industries by state. The data was then used to create a list of jobs that are most unique to each of the 50 states. From the list, they created the nifty infographic below.

While there are some states’ jobs that aren’t surprising at all, actors in California, fishery workers in Maine and fashion designers in New York City, there were a couple that had us scratching our head, including Kansas whose unique job turned out to be referees, umpires and sport officials.

Connecticut, the home of Ivy League school Yale had the unique job of actuaries. And the home state of MIT is also known for its psychiatric technicians. Hawaii, not surprisingly, was tour guides.

Do you agree with the job that was identified for your state?