Tips To Remember Names

Today’s post was inspired by an article on LifeHacker. Throughout high school and college, it’s likely that we’re being introduced to new people every day. Whether it’s friends of friends, professors, coworkers, etc. By the time graduation hits you’ve probably met hundreds if not thousands of people. And while some of those introductions and relationships may not go anywhere, there are those that are lasting. Those who become best of friends, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, or mentors.

The premise of the Lifehacker article mentioned earlier goes into remembering names. While many of us may have different mimonic devices to remember names, this idea is much simpler: pairing people’s eye colors to their names.

What do you think of this strategy? Will it work? Would it help you remember a name of someone you met three years before graduation this spring?

What are your tips to remembering names? Share them with other grads today!

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