Staying Focused

There’s a common saying that goes like this:
“Too many people think only about getting results. The key to success, however, is to focus on the specific task at hand and not to worry about results.”

I think this saying holds some validity because it shows the importance of focusing on both short term and long term goals. To a student, being a doctor might be the long term goal, but unless you focus and study for the biology misterm this upcoming Wednesday, that dream is just the more distant. By focusing on the present task at hand, it’s much easier to succeed on a day to day basis and achieve small steps towards your bigger goals in life.

I feel the quote also brings up an important aspect, which is to tackle one item at a time. From my personal experience, when overwhelmed with papers, finals, Greek events, and any other obligations, instead of multi-tasking it was more efficient for me to attempt to knock out one item from my to-do list before moving onto the next one. This then allowed me to focus on the present, and with the time given, accomplish things on a day to day basis.

How do you focus when finals come around?

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