Dealing With Negativity In Greek Life (Fraternities & Sororities)

Today’s blog post covers the topic of negativity (full post here). The issue of negativity has been brought up many times before and while this specific post applies more directly to the business world, it’s easy to draw similar connections from the post and how it would play into affect in student organizations, fraternity, sororities and the Greek system in general. The post presents excellent points that when applied on a small or grand scale can increase the quality and happiness of your life.

The first reason why this is this post is so relevant to students is because of the close proximity one has with other members in an organization. In most Greek houses, the members live in the house, and if they live outside, often times this is also with other members.  Speaking from personal experience, I lived in my fraternity house for 2 years and 2 summers of my 4 year college career.  The post presents a similar scenario where the “negative” individual is a co-worker who essentially you would spend 8 hours a day / 40 hours a week with.

The second reason why you should read this post is because it presents a valuable concept, and that is one that focuses specifically on controlling your environments. In the work and real world, many people do not have the ability to choose their co-workers. If you’re involved in other non-profit organizations outside of work, often times these organizations have great members who you’ll get along with, and other times there will be a handful who you just can’t stand. Quitting then becomes an option, but if you quit in every scenario where you’re presented with difficult peers, you’ll never be able to succeed.

And lastly, the article itself is structured with seven tips, starting with the smallest and easiest solutions moving onwards to the most drastic ones. The roadmap to escalate a situation is extremely helpful and can be very useful to you in your student life or career.

We truly hope you enjoy the post as much as we do!  Best of luck to those graduating this year and entering the “real world,” we know you’ll kick butt.

And lastly… if you’re graduating this June, make sure to order your sorority stoles or fraternity sashes before it’s too late!

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