Overdrive – Are College Students More Busy Today?

First and foremost, happy new years to everyone!  Our first post of the year comes yet again from one of our favorite blogs, Pick The Brain.

This posts covers the concept or notion of overdrive — just constantly being busy or feeling that you need to be busy.

If you’re like many Gen X or Gen Y’ers today, you’re probably checking your email, facebook, twitter, or sending text messages multiple times a day.  This plays its course even more for seniors trying to finish up classes to graduate, involved in extracurriculars, holding down a job/internship, and other obligations.

Read more about this concept here.

Hopefully 2011 will bring you a great year of positive experiences, friendships, and progress.  And most importantly… congratulations to the Class of 2011, you’ll be graduating this year! 🙂

photo courtesy: frankeys creation

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