Non-Stop Cramming for 24 Hours

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We’re more than sure the majority of our readers are pros at pulling all nighters, probably some of the best in America! Really, you’ve made it 3 years already and have 1 more semester to go until graduation.

We ran into this article about how to pull a successful (or more productive) 24 hour study session.

Our favorite tip is:

Map Out Objectives Before Starting Work – a very GTD-ish notion, but worth pointing out. If it’s 8:00pm and you know you’ll be watching the sunrise from your desk, it’s best to plot out exactly what needs to be done on a sheet of paper and check things off as you complete them. You don’t want to have to count on your barely-functioning brain to tell you what to do next, especially after you’ve been at it for several hours.


Most of the time when you are pulling these long sessions, you come back an hour later and realize you got nothing doneand still have lots more to cover. Or worst, you only have 2 hours left before your test and you still have 4 chapters to read! Our advise: Plan it out early, and you hope to have a better chance!

How to Work Effectively for 24 Consecutive Hours

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