Celebrities & Entrepreneurs Who Never Graduated College

College Class Ring
From our list below, we omitted Bill Gates because he is probably one of the most well known, if not poster children of successful individuals who never made it to graduation day.  Yes, while it is true that this means he missed out on wearing an awesome graduation sash and all of the emotions that fill commencement and graduation day, we’re sure he is doing just fine now.

Here’s a list of 9 other very well-known (and successful) celebrities & entrepreneurs who didn’t make the cut either.
  Seems like they are doing okay nowadays… well minus Britney.

  1. Larry Ellison (University of Illinois dropout).
    Company: Oracle
    Net Worth: $15.2 billion
  2. Michael Dell (University of Texas Austin dropout).
    Company: Dell
    Net Worth: $11.2 billion
  3. Lindsay Lohan
    High school dropout
  4. Paris Hilton
    Dwight School of New York dropout
    Received GED
  5. Jessica Simpson
    JJ Pierce High school dropout
    Received GED
  6. Avril Lavigne
    Napanee District High School dropout
  7. Britney Spears
    Kentwood High School dropout
  8. Kanye West
    Columbia College Chicago dropout
  9. Jennifer Lopez
    Baruch College dropout

It’s important to remember that if you don’t graduate on time or something happens and you can’t finish college, it’s not the end of the world!  Forbes.com published an interesting article about the facts of those who went to college vs no college.   You’d be surprised.  Life is about motivation and what you want to do with it.  Even with a college degree, that piece of paper and the knowledge that comes with it only goes so far as those who are motivated to use it.  Push forward and you’ll succeed.
Here’s some informative tips we found on the net and some great quotes on goals and goal setting.

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