It’s Time to Reward Yourself for All of That Studying

As your college life is coming to an end and all of the pre-graduation “celebrations” are being set up, make sure you do so safely and wisely. The last thing you want on your mind after graduating is a mistake you made during a night of drinking and partying. You’re going to have other responsibilities and priorities to handle. Here are some tips to avoiding those regrets:

  1. Eat First
  2. Be Well Hydrated
  3. Plan Your Transportation
  4. Travel In Pairs
  5. Schedule Your Drinking
  6. Carry Condoms
  7. Choose Your Drink
  8. Alternate Drinks
  9. Don’t Let Strangers Pour Your Drinks
  10. Don’t Drink Your Age
  11. Coffee Won’t Sober You Up
  12. Drinking At Home
  13. Take Your Vitamins
  14. Get Support
  15. Maturing Out
  16. If All Else Fails–Substitute

Now–go forth with this arsenal of harm-reducing knowledge and celebrate finishing college.

Have some other useful tips to stay out of trouble? Please share and comment below!