How To Get Things Done When Studying

Today’s blog post covers yet again one of our favorite blogs, the Unclutterer blog (is that even a word?)

In the blog post, the author speaks about how to best stay focused in an open office (a type of office with a more spacious architecture and fewer offices). He provides recommendations ranging from simply picking up and moving, to coming in early or wearing earphones (even when you’re not listening to music).

For us, and open office resembles working or living in a fraternity house or even studying with friends. Often times, it can be very difficult to get things done. I remember this one time back in sophomore year (far from graduation) when I lived with 7 of my closest friends. While we were not the biggest partiers, we did have fun, and lots of fun indeed. This often made it difficult to study when finals came around, and often times I would retreat to the local coffee shop or to the library.

So what are the key takeaways from this post? Is there anything applicable to students? Yes.

“Don’t call out to coworkers. Get up and walk over to someone if you need to speak with her, unless there is some kind of emergency where yelling is appropriate.”
The same would apply if you were at a library. Don’t disrupt everyone to communicate with one person. Imagine if everyone did this, how difficult it would be to study then?

“Come in early. If you know you have a big project on your schedule for the day, come in an hour or two before the rest of the office. No one will email you, call you, or even know you’re there working.”
Study later than everyone, or earlier! What if you could wake up and study before 80% of the student body was even up? Imagine how peaceful and productive the library would be.

and lastly… and our favorite recommendation:
“Pick up and move.”
At the end of the day you may have some great friends, but just not great study buddies. If you can’t get anything done with your friends studying near you, pick-up and move, or make plans to reconnect with them after everyone’s done studying.

In conclusion, if you’re having trouble studying. There’s many ways to fix it. Check out the full post at the Uncluterrer Blog Today.

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