Video Game Breaks

I remember when growing up, video games was the best way to destress. Back then, at most there were GameBoys that you could bring around, or you’d be locked down to your home TV and the SNES, N64, or Sega.

Now, it seems as if games are everywhere. But if anything, many games are less engaging. It’s about completing a quick Angry Birds level, or a Draw Something phrase… if you have a smartphone, you have a mobile game.

But when was the last time you sat back and just unwinded and played some video games?

LifeHacker has an interesting article about blowing off the dust on your game console or upgrading your computer so that you can play the most recent games.

So if it’s raining (like it is in LA today), maybe sitting back to some video games isn’t such a bad idea?

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*Disclaimer: Make sure you don’t play too many video games or get addicted where your grades start suffering in your last year in high school or college! Shameless plug: And order your graduation sashes if you haven’t already 😉

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