Graduation & College Tips for First Generation College Students

Earlier this week TIME published an interesting article that goes into discussing the challenges that first-generation college students face. The article discusses in concern some less than stellar statistics inculding

“More than a quarter of low-income first-generation college students leave after their first year, and 89 percent fail to graduate within six years.”

Luckily, the article does go into providing some tips. One of the tips that struck a cord with me was the second one.
Second: Figure out the unwritten rules. First-generation college students don’t simply lack the learning of their more privileged peers.

I couldn’t agree with this more. Part of learning the unwritten rules for me during undergrad was to join like minded student organizations. There upperclassmen merged with freshmen and helped them. Some organizations also have mentorship programs where seniors take freshmen under their wings and try to help them out.

For the full article, visit or click this link here.

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