Discounts and Freebies for College Students

There’s a lot of things you can get for free today that our parents wouldn’t have even dreamed of. In contrast with with they were in college, today’s technology and Internet speeds has opened the door to many possibilities. Free TV shows online, free newspapers online, free internet (e.g. at coffee shops like Starbucks, and other “hotspot” locations), free education, and our favorite, free samples at Pinkberry!

In a recent post from Lifehacker the author goes into 10 things that you can get for free. Be sure to check out the full post to see how you can take advantage of these goodies.

To summarize the post very quickly, cool things you should check out are:
A) Free Online Storage – Services such as Dropbox, Amazon Cloud and even Google Docs makes collaboration with other groups so simple now. The mistique of thumbdrives is slowly fading away as more people use these services which sync instantly with their smartphones and mobile devices as well.

B) Student Discounts – I personally did not take advantage of this while in school, but in retrospect should have gotten everything out of it before graduating! A lot of organizations offer student discounts. Did you know the national retail chain Banana Republic offers student discounts? Yep! Search for lots of details here on more discounts you could take advantage of.

C) eBooks – Free (and legal) books are accessible online and knowledge available at our finger tips. Take advantage of these, whether they are short books, how to guides, novels, or journals. Here’s a list of ebooks availble for download

Hope these were helpful! If you search a little more, we’re sure you can probably find great freebies for your birthday too.

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