How To Beat Procrastination

Today’s post covers the interesting topic of procrastination. Most adults today have to-do lists that seem to run on and on. So how do you stop procrastinating and get things done?

In an article from PsychologyToday, the author talks about how she finally scheduled a dentist appointment after putting it off forever. After doing so, she felt great and was independent from this obligation. That feeling of procrastination was draining, of not being able to cross a task off of your list.

Now think of it this way… if you know you have a certain obligation you have to take care of, *cough* ordering graduation stoles, then why not order now? Often times the sooner you take care of something, the easier your schedule will be, thus allowing you to manage your other responsibilities.

Another point brought up was that when completing that task, it freed up her time to take on other responsiblities. In contrast to your to do list before an “errand day” vs after, it’s easy to feel less stressed when there’s less things that you have to take care of that will allow you to just rest.

While we know there are many more health benefits of not procrastinating known to man, these were only just a few.

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