Cell Phone Theft & College Students

Student holding cell phone

In this time of age, we’re really not sure what’s more inconvenient:
1. Having your cell phone stolen or
2. Having your wallet stolen (minus the identity fraud part).

It seems that as of recent, UCLA is battling with an issue of cell phone theft. Luckily the student in this particular incident was not harmed, but it is a dangerous situation that should be addressed (and an article that should be read, link above).

Let’s look at cell phone prices. The new Apple iPhone (16gb model) costs a whopping $499, The Blackberry 8310 goes for $399, and a lot of other smart phones retail in the $200+ range. Now as a college student walking around at night in a not-so-posh neighborhood, broadcasting that you have such expensive electronics doesn’t really seem like the best idea any more does it? While it is true that by being on a call with someone, you could technically use the phone as a “life line” to yell for help , it seems like a double edged sword.

Our advice to college students is to be more vigilant of where you bring, use and leave your valuable electronics and who you are broadcasting it to. Unfortunately in the world we live in there are a lot of shady people who would steal from college students. It would really suck if someone stole your valuables before graduation.

On a crazier note… did Universal Music really make this commercial?!

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