Best and Worst Cities For Valentine’s Day 2015

If you want to save money this Valentine’s Day and you’re taking a date out to dinner, you better hope you are living in Plano, Texas.

According to the 2015’s Best and Worst Cities for Valentine’s Day study out from WalletHub, Plano is ranked number one for the lowest restaurant meal cost, while Miami, Florida is among the most expensive.

However, if you are planning to propose, Miami may be your best bet for finding the perfect ring, as it is the city with the highest number of jewelry stores per capita. North Las Vegas, on the other hand (that is the hand that is likely missing a ring) is ranked the lowest.

Florida (particularly Miami and Orlando) are also great places to be if you plan to get your boo flowers, but accidentally forgot or are waiting until the last minute. These two cities in the Sunshine State have some of the highest number of florists per capita.

The best city to be in for Valentine’s Day activities? That would be San Francisco, but if you want the best Valentine’s Day weather, you’ll have to head a few hours south to Los Angeles, California where the Valentine’s Day forecast is looking to be a balmy 84 degrees.

If you’re on a budget, Fremont, California is ranked as the number one spot to be. But, just in case you don’t happen to live in Fremont and you still want to save money this Valentine’s Day, check out our list of cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas for students.


Lead photo credit: msrobinmbrown