Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Students


It’s that time of year again. Red heart decorations are going up around campus and the “L” word is in the air. Valentines Day is just 10 days away.

The day of love can be a stressful time, especially if you are in a new relationship or on a budget. But like the old saying goes, you can’t buy love, so try some of these cheap and fun date ideas to impress your V-Day sweetie.

Get Outside
Whether you live in the mountains or by the ocean, getting out into nature can be extremely romantic, especially if you prepare in advance. If you have a day trip planned, pick a hike with a view and bring along a blanket, some bubbly and strawberries to enjoy at the summit. For the truly adventurous try a nighttime snowshoe. Bring along a thermos and headlamps to turnoff once you reach your destination so you can enjoy the stars. Cuddling to stay warm: optional.

Stay In
While many people decide to celebrate Valentines Day with an expensive dinner out, it can be more meaningful (and more fun) to cook with your loved one. Pick a recipe together and do everything from going to the store for ingredients to cooking together in the kitchen. After dinner, snuggle up under a blanket and watch a movie.

Find an Event on Campus
From free concerts, to dances, to museum exhibits, colleges across the country offer students fun and affordable date options on Valentines Day. Check your school’s event calendar to see what’s happening right on campus.

Smell the Roses
Rather than spend a fortune on an overpriced bunch of roses, why not take your Valentine to a local rose garden or botanical garden to check out a wider variety of flora and fauna. Bring some chocolates and one of your favorite love poems to recite. Just be prepared to earn some extra credit.

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