3 Places in California to Explore

With graduation right around the corner, students have a lot on their mind — from wrapping up classes to getting together all their accessories (like sashes, caps, and gowns) to perhaps packing, moving, and getting ready for their next adventure.  It can get stressful! One thing is for sure though — now is also the time to start thinking about planning some trips with friends and family and enjoy the time you have together. The places below are worth the road trip to make some lasting memories.


Malibu is a great short trip from Los Angeles — beautiful beaches, fun shopping centers, and amazing viewpoints: Point Dune, Zuma Beach, and Chrome Hearts in Malibu Country Market, to name just a few. 

Point Dume Beach



In addition to the mainstays, San Diego has many hidden gems and small events that you and your friends can check out. The Kobey’s Swap Meet is open every weekend and has trendy clothing items At an affordable price. After a day of exploring, trying to find something to eat is not a problem with the vast variety of restaurants – Little Italy, BBQ, desserts, you name it. San Diego also has a few trails that are worth checking out for the nature buffs — Annie’s Canyon trail and La Jolla trail are two.


Kobey Swap Meet


San Francisco

San Francisco is great for late-night city lights and attractions. Alamo Square and Golden Gate Park are beautiful; seafood and stores at Fisherman’s Wharf are a great place to settle down to shop and catch something to eat while you are there. While all of these are great to visit during the day, the city lights when it’s dark out are a must-see in San Francisco.


Painted Ladies


Hope this helped you figure out some ideas on where to go for an upcoming summer before you and your friends start your next chapter. These are all short trips that all your friends can enjoy just for a few days so go out and make the most memories that you can with them and enjoy a well deserved break!

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