2018 Grad Gift Ideas

In today’s age of tech gadgets and their accessories, there are plenty of gifts out there to get for your new grad (or yourself :)).  But sometimes, you just don’t really want to give another home speaker or head/earphone set.  Below are some ideas of how to branch out of the tech cycle and get your grad another cool gift they’ll love!

  • A good time piece is always a great gift.  Daniel Wellington offers something timeless, MVMT for something a bit edgier, or maybe a JORD wood watch to get the conversation started.
  • A sweet surprise. When it comes to stuff we love that’s easy to gift, we can’t help but always turn to Sugarfina.  We fall for their beautiful packaging and tasty sweets each time!  Not your style? Check out Mast Brothers or Compartes! Not into candy? Well there’s always gelato delivered to your door! (:

From Sugar and Charm, Compartes’ Chocolates

From Sugarfina, their Congrats Bento Box (3 candy boxes inside)

From Timeout

  • A bag for the right occasion. Look, your grad is bound to have a different accessory for each occasion – there’s no one size fits all.  Why not check out Hershel for that day to day bag when you’re on the go or perhaps a light weight good cause super vibrant and unique Cotopaxi for that weekend climb? Give them solo or stuff them with things your grad may need!

From Lumberjcac.com, a snapshot of a cotopaxi backpack

  • A peek into times past. In the wise words of Dr. Seuss (kinda), Oh the places your grad will go!  Nevertheless no matter where we go, some of us will always cherish those moments past, the fond memories. Why not give your grad a piece of their history with this Oregon Trail card game or perhaps a classic for their game night. Clue or Hungry Hungry Hippo anyone? For a modern game, how about some exploding kittens?
  • Hydration! Doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you’re going – water and hydration is key!! We know Hydroflask is awesome but don’t forget S’well is good (and available at Target as well) or Yeti which can keep a bottle cool all weekend long – even in Arizona heat! Oh, and our all time fave – Zojirushi!
  • Custom products. As you know, we’re all about custom products here at YourSash. Well why not keep with the custom made?  Check out Function of Beauty to gift custom shampoo/conditioner. Lookin’ pretty, lookin’ good, made just for you!


  • Gifts that keeps on giving…to you! 😀 Get your grad a gift for when they need to entertain guests as their humble abode.  We love going to the local Anthropologie for candles and the like.. Or any place for cool coasters or unique serving gear!
  • Homemade snack pack or gift box. You can most definitely buy premade gifts and boxes filled with goodies procured locally or even worldwide. It’s all about how you package it! We keep it simple with delicious brews such as Bruery Rue or uniquely brewed Soda paired with snacks.  We’ve even done a few themed packs. How about Trader Joe’s pineapple juice or calamansi juice paired with a floating swan for your grad’s next trip to Palm Springs? Maybe an ice cold Tecate (or Corona) to go with their some flaming hot cheetos or takis? A classic soda, butter popcorn, and some classic candies for that Netflix night in? Oh the possibilities are endless!
  • Bust out the bottles for the 21+ crowd.  There’s much to be gifted that you can enjoy with your grad. How about a custom engraved 12 year Glen Livet, Johnny Walker, or wine bottle?
  • Material gifts may not be your jam. How about gifting an experience? For your 21+ grad, how about a unique tasting – say at a sake or hard liquor distillery?  Maybe a taste of something local with axe throwing, driving big ol’ construction vehicles, or freezing yourself like the athletes do. Looking for something cool to do internationally? Riding in go karts around Tokyo seems pretty awesome or even climbing waterfalls in the winter!!

Let’s face it. At the end of the day some of us just want to gift an easy something or other outside of cash. Gift cards work. Perhaps their favorite ride sharing service, grocery, food delivery service, travel credit and gift cards for flights, or shoot, how about an Amazon Prime or Costco membership? Gift cards aren’t always a bad thing, my friend!  Happy Gift Giving (and maybe even gift getting :)!