Homework Productivity

Productivity. It’s something we all strive for. In college, it’s getting through all of the readings and assignments without being distracted. In the real world, it might be hitting that deliverable deadline on time, and consistently.

But what does it really mean? Does productivity mean always being busy? Would a worker who is done with his or her work in 4 hours, and sits around the rest of the day be more or less productive than a worker who takes 8 hours to finish the same amount of work?

When thinking about this, but in the context of college, I’m sure we’ve all had our friends who were more “productive” in class. In that, they could read or study material once and just get it. And for others, including myself, sometimes we’d struggle to fully understand the concepts of discrete mathematics, or credits and debits, or a sociology topic.

So what are tips that can help you be more productive as you move one step closer to graduation and dawning those graduation sashes and stoles?

One tip is to use the rule of three and keep major decisions to three of fewer people. So when you’re trying to decide the course of your final project, or how to organize your chapter’s next event… consider going with the rule of three.

Looking for more productivity tips? Check out this great article on the globeandmail.com. While the tips pertain more to companies, you can see how this can easily apply to study groups, Greek chapters, and more.

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