Giving Back To Your Local Community

Yes, graduation is almost here but there’s still so many opportunities to really get involved and make a different in your community! Below we’ve highlighted a few that might peak your interest. ¬†Give them a try if you have some time!

  • Donate Clothes Or Unneeded Goods – Do you really need that extra futon or dining room table? If you’re not a big fan of lugging it back home, consider donating it to the local non-profits. Alternatively you can always craigslist it and then donate the proceeds!
  • Donate Your Time – Grab some friends and go help out locally. Whether it’s at a senior house, a trash clean-up, at a soup kitchen, or anything else… there’s so many opportunities to get involved.
  • Donate Some Mula! – Yep cash! Imagine if you could get each member of your house to donate just $5. That amount would go a long way for many local charities.
  • Setup An Annual Charity Event – The beauty with Greek organizations is the highly motivated and tight knit group of individuals involved in them. At my fraternity, the alumni had setup 2 major events. One was a haunted house that we put on every Halloween for the children in Isla Vista. And the other was a Spring Carnival filled with Jolly Jumpers, free food, music, carnival games, and more. During my years as an active, myself and other bros setup an annual poker tournament. Now 8 years later the tournament is still a tradition with the proceeds donated to various charities.

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