A Smudge on the Beauty Sash?

Earlier this month, we wrote about the upcoming Miss America beauty pageant and wondered who would be crowned as the 2015  Miss America?

Would it be Miss Ohio with her knack for ventriloquism? Or the fiddling Southern Belle, Miss Kentucky?

The winner of the latest Miss America sash and crown went to Kira Kazantsev, Miss New York. She is the third consecutive Miss America from New York to hold the title.

But within the last few days, there seems to be news coming out that puts a smudge through her once crisp white beauty sash.

News reports have come out saying that Kira was actually kicked out of her Alpha Phi sorority at Hofstra University in Long Island for hazing pledges when serving as the chapter’s head of recruitment.

Kira has denied the allegations, going so far as to appear on Good Morning America saying the accusations are false and that she is hurt by them. But, she also said that she herself was hazed and that it mostly involved “menial tasks.”

As to the reasoning for her departure from the sorority, she said that was because of a joke that she made in an email that was taken out of context and then forwarded onto the national chapter.

You can see more of what Kira has to say about the incident on her blog.

Photo credit: http://jezebel.com/