Things You Won’t Hear At Your College Graduation

Today’s blog post touches on an interesting topic, that of what commencement speakers just won’t talk about on graduation day.

Personally, #1 resonates with us the most.

“1. Your time in fraternity basements was well spent. The same goes for the time you spent playing intramural sports, working on the school newspaper or just hanging with friends. ” I couldn’t agree more in that some of my closest friends today are fraternity brothers I met and pledged with during college. The bonds that drew us together, the times that made them stronger, and all of the “lazy Sundays” are memories I cherish and will continue to cherish the rest of my life. These memories cannot be stolen from me, but rather strengthened as we grow older and people start families.

Many are doing remarkable things now, becoming lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, ministers and more.

So… for many of our customers, as you embark on the final quarter of your senior year. Don’t stress too much about classes (that said… don’t fall into senioritis), but enjoy each day for what it is. It’s okay to have those lazy Sundays here and there, or go out on weekdays with friends. Enjoy college, because before you know it, it’ll have passed and commencement will be upon you.

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