Symptoms of Senioritis? Ever Feel Burnt Out?

Do you ever feel burnt out?  Either from your busy schedule of classes and work or from overbooking your weekends with Greek or club events?  Senior year is often the toughest for many students, and especially when the true symptoms of “senioritis” hit.

What are the symptoms of senioritis?
(Some aren’t necessarily bad!)

  • Planning your summer escape / exploration of the world!
  • Triple checking your credits to make sure you have all the credits you need to graduate.
  • Taking it a little easier on classes when you know you’ll pass for sure and don’t care so much for that A.
  • Starting the weekend on Thursday… ending on Monday.
  • Skipping classes more often.
  • Signing up for summer school 😉

Check out today’s recommended read that comes from  The post covers when to recognize that you’ve run into burn out and some recommendations on how to recover from it.

Photo Credit: Hey Danielle

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