How to Land Your Very First Job

One of the first realities of the real world recent college graduates often face is landing their first job after college. You’ve spent the past 4 or 5 years taking tests and writing papers, but now you need to land a job. This can be a very foreign and scary thing to think about for many college grads. However, just remember, this is something everyone goes through and chances are most of your competition is in the exact same boat as you are. So don’t worry, and if you are, here are some tips to help you land your first job after college:

1. Take Some Time Off

Relax and take a break! Get some well-deserved rest and travel the world if you can. You need to get loose and shake off all of that stress before you face your next biggest obstacle: the real world.


2. Begin Your Search for Jobs

Update your database and make sure to include everyone you’ve ever met. This includes: friends, old bosses, coaches, professors, and alumni. It’s crucial to build your network. It is not about what you know, but who you know.


3. Create an Effective Email That Will Get Someones Attention.

In the email, make sure to:

-List your technical and interpersonal skills.
-Remind them of past experiences shared, and include that you have recently graduated with your major/minor.
-Ask for their help in finding a job, and include a cover letter and resume

4. Call Them

Make some calls everyday to inform them of your progress and how you have taken in their advice. This will help build relationships and can give you new ideas/leads to think about.


5. Stay Consistent on Calling Until You Get Answers and Feedback


6. Browse Media in the Fields You Are Serious About Getting Into

Find relative people in those fields that catch your attention and try with everything you’ve got to grab their attention. See if they are willing hire you, give you leads, or allow you to intern for them.

If you are willing to risk rejection and put in the work, you’ll land your first job in no time. College may have taught you bookwork, but not necessarily perseverance and self-promotion. What are some tips of your own that you like to use? Please share and comment below!