Greek Secrets: How To Study In A Fraternity House

If you’re in a fraternity and live at the house, you probably know getting any studying done or concentrating is close to near impossible. While some of my most fondest memories come from living at the house, … I have to admit it wasn’t always the most conducive studying environment.
Temptations to take part in the $5 poker game, smash bros tourney, or chat with the roomie seemed to be always present. And by the time I got situated and in the “mood” to study… I’m hungry and want to eat! wtf.

Here is where your best $11.97 (+tax) investment will ever come in. This tip comes from my bro Matt.

$12 College Student Study Aid
Home Depot sells these great AO Safety Earmuffs for $11.97. While these are generally constructed for construction workers and those professionals operating or near loud machinery, they function just as well for studying. Put one of these over your head while studying, and noise is suddenly dropped 20db. There are also some really baller status ones that run for $60.

So next time you’re at the Home Depot, grab a pair. They are located near the knee-pads and safety goggles.

If you’re looking for other great study tips, check out the “Ten Tips You Need to Survive College.” Well written, not too boring, and practical.

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