Manipulative Friends & Graduation Time

This post may be one of the more dark posts that we feature on our blog, but we felt it was very important. In a recent article on LifeHacker, the article goes into talking about emotional warfare and essentially how to root out the manipulative people in your life.

It’s no doubt that in college, we’re introduced to people from all walks of life. While we won’t get along with everyone, by the time graduation comes around we generally have a solid group of friends who we want to spend time with. The tough thing with any group though is that you rarely also get along with every person.

I remember when I was in undergrad and an active in my fraternity. All of the bros were great, but at the time time, I got along with certain ones more than others. Certain people will often be “downers” or pessimists, and hanging out with these people wasn’t all too fun. So how does this matter with graduating seniors? It matters in many ways actually. With commencement comes opportunities to start anew. As you move away from college and out on your own, or back home, it allows you to make important decisions of who you want to hang out with on a consistent basis, and who you don’t care to hang out with as much. Your influences and support network of friends will play an important role in your career growth as you go through ups-and-downs. And while it’s natural for even the best of friends to sometimes grow apart, sometimes pre-emptively cutting ties with those going in different directions may be an option you’d like to pursue.

For the full post and tips on what to do, check out the link above to lifehacker.

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