5 Best Graduation Falls We Stole from YouTube

photo courtesy of Jack Duval

So depending on how your school does it, most graduates have their name called out and then walk across stage, shake hands with the Chancellor and other dignitaries, get the photo op, then return to their seat.

After hours and hours of scouring YouTube for some videos, we have compiled our list of top 5 graduation falls and tips on how to walk across stage on your important day.

First Off, the Tips for Graduation Day & How To Stand Apart

1. The Name Card

If your school let’s you, do something fun on your graduation card! We got to fill in our name, add a message to your parents if possible! Sometimes the readers will read it, sometimes they won’t.
ex. Your Name is John David. On your card write “John ‘Hi Mom’ David” if the reader has a personality and they are allowed to read this, go for it! Write too much and they’ll skip it entirely. On mine I wrote “Happy Fathers Day” and they didn’t read it! How lame.

2. Decorate Your Graduation Cap

We’ll have a post on this coming up soon, but decorate your graduation cap! Do something cool but not tacky. Decorate the same as your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers and you’ll get bonus points.

3. Don’t Drink Too Much The Night Before!

If you’re going to go downtown and celebrate with your fellow graduates the night before, all the power to you! But remember, everything in moderation. Last thing you want to do is wake up late to your graduation, hung over, parents see that, and have to sit in the sun at commencement for 2 hours. Moderation!

Now to the graduation videos…

#5. Fake Graduation Prank? This one looked a little fishy to us.

#4. This one has to be fake. Another fake graduation fall?

Alright… to the better ones.

#3. Unfortunately we can’t see the angle on this one as much, but at least it’s not a fake!

#2. Okay, we have to feel sorry for this lil kid. He was so happy… too happy! Luckily for him his parents have this on tape and when he graduates college he can look back and laugh… or try to beat his first attempt.

#1. Of all the graduation falls we stole from YouTube, this one looks the most real.

So if you are ready to graduate fall in style, check out our graduation stoles.

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