What Was The Most Valuable Lesson You Learned In College?

You’d be surprised how often one hears this question.  What was the most valuable thing you learned in college?  Or what was your favorite course?  While it’s easy to dismiss a class where you might have had a teacher who wasn’t the most fun to be around, it’s often these classes that you remember about the most years later.

What was the most valuable lesson I learned in college?  It came in Junior year in my an upper division Communication course.  Our class was completing a group project for a local charity, Direct Relief International, and it was from this experience that I really was able to see the value of communication and marketing, and how it tied into practical applications in the real world.  The hands on experience in this course taught me things that simply reading in a book, I probably would not have absorbed.

The other most valuable lessons I’ve learned in college were from my fraternity.  It was through my fraternity that I’ve met some of my closest and still closest brothers and friends.  We struggled together, lived together, learned together, cooked (or tried to cook together), and grew together.  It was from this experience that I truly felt the “college experience” that eventually prepared me for the real world.

Whether your most valuable lesson comes from a class or out side, it’s up to you how you apply it post graduation and the friends you choose to keep in touch with.  To all the high school seniors graduating soon, make your college experience worth it!

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