What Is The Minimal Student Office?

In this article on Frank Chimero’s Blog, Frank talks about how he sold his 27″ macbook in exchange for a macbook air.

The picture is cool in that if you really think about it, each item has a solid purpose and in theory would that be all a college student needs?

Let’s break this down:
A) Laptop – Self explanatory. The primary machine to browse facebook and youtube on, not to mention write and research papers.
B) iPad/ paper note pad – These items seem essential to take good notes in class and collaborate with team members.
C) Kindle – With the move of most textbook publishers to digital, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that a student can have all of his or her text books simply on a kindle now.
D) iPad Revisited – With apps such as Netflix, it’s possible to use this (or the computer) to catch up on your tv watching!
E) iPhone – The communication hub.
F) 1 charger for everything.

If given just these tools and forced to study in a coffee shop or library an entire semester, could you surive all the way to graduation? We think so!

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