Fraternity & Sorority Long Portraits – Contest Open!

Long Portraits
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PhotoJojo recently featured a really interesting article about Long Portraits.
The idea behind these is to ask someone a simple question, like How was your day? or what’s the most exciting thing you did this week? etc. From that, record their 30-second response.

What a simple yet unique task! Now put the entire graduation or Greek spin to it and think about how your house historian can do this. Imagine how awesome this archive would be, in say 3 years… with every member of your house and it continually growing! Think down the road… 5 years from now, how even more awesome it would be!

We all know Greeks love pictures (and matching shirts…) but video adds such a unique new spin to your chapter’s records and an interesting way to get to know actives and alumni.

Fraternity & Sorority Long Portrait Challenge

The best thing Jacqueline saw this week from Photojojo on Vimeo.

So our challenge to any chapters is to do a recording of all the seniors on your active roster, just a fun 30-second clip. Do this, post it on YouTube, send us the links, and we’ll give 5 lucky chapters 25% off their order for graduation stoles.

Official Rules:

  • There must be at least 6 seniors graduating from your chapter and long portraits recorded of those 6 seniors. 25% off discount will be applied to the same # of long portraits as graduation sashes ordered.
  • Videos of seniors must be separate similar to PhotoJojo’s Long Portrait style video.
  • Nothing scandalous, please!
  • At least 2 seniors have to mention!

Entries should be emailed to orders[at] with links to the videos and contact information!

The first 5 chapters who submit videos that meet these criteria will receive 25% off their standard sash order (no logos or custom fabrics)!

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