The Valedictorian Title… No More At Certain Schools?

In a recent article on, the article mentions certain school districts taking away the Valedictorian title and no longer honoring it.

One of the main reasons being:
“Many students now take classes online, or transfer from other districts or states, he said, making it increasingly difficult to decide how to weight grades to determine a fair class rank.”

While the article does make many good points about the valedictorian status, and instead honoring the top 1 %, 2% or 10% of class, it seems to be a touchy subject for many parents (who commented on the article).

One of the top voted comments reads:
“Not honoring the top student is a nutty idea that was probably thought of by the parents of students near the top of the class.”

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you feel the top student should be honored or just the top percentage of graduating students?

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