The Most Useful Grad Gifts

Graduation season means graduation gifts. Time to think about the best gifts for the grad in your life. Whether you are the lucky one graduating, or you are a friend or family member of a graduate,  gifts will be at the top of the mind this season.

As much as we love the classic graduation gifts (think Dr. Seuss’s “Oh The Places You Will Go”, or a string of pearls) there are far more useful gifts that can be given to new graduates who are heading into college or the real world.

Here are a few to check out:

iHome BoomBox Speaker – For the graduate heading to college, or hoping to drown out the sounds of the real world, music is essential. That’s way the new grad will love the iHome boombox. Most importantly, it’s stylishly ironic.

Gift Cards for Food- Much like music, those headed to college or onto their first career will need sustenance to survive. That’s why an always-popular grad gift is gift cards to their favorite grocery store or restaurant.

Toolkit – Must of us (ladies we’re talking to you) probably don’t think that you need tools. But what happens when you want to hang that picture frame or find out how big your room is so you can buy the right size rug? Things like a hammer, nails and a tape measure are essential whether you are headed into a dorm, or your first apartment after graduation. A toolkit with all the essential gadgets is, well, essential for new grads.

Photos/Artwork – Now that you have your hammer and nails, artwork or photos of friends and family members are the perfect gift to help remind new graduates of their past and where they are headed.

Cold Hard Cash – Let’s not sugar coat it, higher education is expense. Whether you are just starting to pay off your loans or beginning to add to them, money is always an appreciated gift.

The Gift of Transport – Whether the graduate in your life is headed to a big city or the suburbs, chances are they are going to need a way to get around. If they already have a car, then a gas gift card is a good gift option. If they are going to be on a campus, maybe a more appropriate gift is a bicycle.

Amazon Prime Subscription –If you really want to make the new grad smile, then give him or her the gift of free. Free shipping on all Amazon orders and free access to thousands of movies and television shows through Amazon. It’s all possible with an annual membership to Amazon Prime.