The last time…. or the first time?

Today we came across this photo from a reddit post and while the safety of the invention can be questioned, it brought back nastalgic memories.

As many of us enter the final months of senior year of high school or college and are just about ready to dawn your graduation stoles and hop across stage, it’s thoughts of the last…
The last class our be taking
The last final I’ll be taking
The last paper I’ll have to write
The last time I eat cafeteria food… and more.

But what about firsts?
The first time you’ll be living on your own.
The first time you’ll be working full time?
The first time you’ll be independent from your parents?

Instead of thinking of lasts, how about in 2013 we think of firsts, and the first steps towards your future.

All the best to the Class of 2013!

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