Studying Tips for College Students

Studying can be a difficult challenge for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s an issue of your studying environment and for others, it’s the idea of just sitting down and concentrating. Regardless of your reason, we want to help you succeed and make it to graduation so you can wear your awesome graduation stole! (alright…. that last sentence was a shameless plug, we’ll admit it).

But in all seriousness, here’s a few of the best study web sites and a few quick tips we’ve come across while searching the web.

“Drink a glass of water before sitting to study. This will really enrich your brain connections to help you to concentrate.” (while we’re not sure if this is true, it doesn’t seem like it could help.  If you stay hydrated, you’re less likely to get hungry, and we know how much hunger can be a distraction and lead to the 2 hour “meal break”)

“Learn the general concepts first, don’t worry about learning the details until you have learned the main ideas.”

“Study in chunks: 20-50 minute time periods followed by a brief break (5-10 minutes) is the most effective way to study”
via Dartmouth

Have some study tips of your own to help you get to graduation?  Let us know!

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