Senioritis & A Busy Schedule

Feel the burn yet? Senior year is coming quickly to an end for many and it’s likely your calendar is filling up with those end of the year banquets, papers, team projects, final exams and more.  Oh and not to mention planning a graduation party or sending out all of those invites to relatives!
Here’s 4 small but cool tips from Unclutterer on how to best unclutter your schedule in your remaining days.

To add to theirs, we’d also recommending:

  • Picking your social events wisely.  The last thing you want is to catch a full case of senioritis and cause you to do badly in a course.
  • Make use of your study time, go explore the college area.  Go study in a new location around campus or that coffee shop you never stepped foot in.  Don’t study in your apartment or dorm if you can avoid it!
  • Eat with friends.  It doesn’t have to always be out, but cook!  Do a dinner party and make some bomb grub.
  • Watch less TV – Trust us your favorite show will still be there when you graduate.  Spend free time with your friends while you’re still in close proximity to them.

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