Remember that one time…

So college is coming to an end. These past four years have been amazing and impossible to describe to someone who hasn’t attended college. All of the nights of drunken (or sober)  debauchery, staying up all night to study, and staying up all night to do nothing and just talk will be missed. There will be one day when you wake up and realize that you’re no longer in college. Don’t mope about the fact that all of this fun is coming to an end and that responsibility is awaiting you at the end of graduation. Start collecting and saving the memories of all of the college experiences you’ve had. What are some memorabilia unique to the college experience you will want after college to help you reminisce?

  1. College Gear

We’ve all walked through campus and ended up with tons of free stuff we wished we didn’t bring into class. Make sure to keep all of the t-shirts and clothing you collect from college. You’d be surprised how nostalgic putting on a shirt you received for free back in your college days can be.

  1. College Collectibles

These include your typical pennants, license plates, stickers, sweatshirts, class rings, and hats. However, keeping these around for after college will unexpectedly make you feel like you’re still in college for those times that you miss being back in college.

  1. College Drinking Game Rules

Try to remember and jot down all of the rules of the college drinking games you play. These can serve to be quite useful when you and your post-college buddies want to throw a college themed party to relive the golden years of college. Pray that your livers will be able to hold up.

  1. Costumes From Theme Parties

Cherish and go wild with the costumes for theme parties because there won’t be many “Catalina Wine Mixers” or “Anything But Clothes” themed parties after college you’ll get to attend. Don’t forget to pack up all of the costumes you wore from college. You’ll appreciate the memories you had in them that you’ll be packing away as well.

  1. Start a Scrapbook

Consider starting a scrapbook to include photos of nights you don’t remember, tickets to sporting events and concerts, souvenirs collected on road trips, etc. Nothing beats a book full of random objects that trigger your memories and experiences in college to help you remember all of the crazy, fun moments you had in college.


The possibilities are endless. I know the moments that defined my college experience won’t be nearly the same as yours. What were some of those defining moments you remember from your time in college? Share and comment below!