Reasons To Pursue An Advanced Degree

Every year, tens of thousands of college students graduate and enter the “real world.” Of those who graduate, many graduate with bachelors or associates degree, but there are also those with graduate degrees as well. The value of an advanced degree is debatable. For many, an advanced degree isn’t an indicator of future success, but for others the added skills and knowledge one learns in a graduate program pays off significantly in their application of this to their work. There are many successful entrepreneurs without advanced degrees, and vice versa.

If you’re considering going for an advanced degree, make sure that you’re going for the right reasons. The cost of tuition and student loans have sky rocketed in the past years and it’s easy to overlook the dangers of taking on 5 or 6 digit debts.

Our Recommendation:
A) Consider the career path(s) – What options with your advanced degree provide you with after graduating? How do you know this is the right career path you want? What if you don’t end up liking it?

B) Consider an internship. So you’re thinking of going into law? Try a summer internship at a law office to get a feel for the industry.

C) Choose your program wisely. It’s easy to get pulled into a brand name school, but it’s just as important to factor in your experience there, how much support will faculty provide you, does the school have a strong alumni network, how is the school ranked, what classes are offered, etc.

D) Don’t do it just because you’re parents want you to. Your parents probably do have your best interests at heart, but this is your decision, your career, and your life. Make sure the decision that you make is truly yours.

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