Motivation & Working Out

Today’s post features an awesome post on the blog.

The post goes into a handful of different motivational tips to get you going and exercising after a long day.  While the post is somewhat tailored towards the 9-5 working men and women in the world, it can easily be translated to the busy schedule of students as well.

One of our favorite tips?

“Business Suit to Sweat Suit:
Get yourself in the mindset for working out by looking like you’re working out. It’s hard to talk yourself out of running once you’re dressed and ready to go. Bring your gear to work and change before leaving the office, it’s that easy.”

This is also true for those still in school. If you know you have that one class next to the gym and 1 or 2 hours before your next class, why not pack your sneakers and gym clothes?

Do you have workout tips to get in shape before graduation?  Share them with us!

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