Meet the Coolest Cooler Yet

We’re right in the thick of summer and that means ample sun and relaxation. Whether you choose to spend your summer on the sand by the ocean, on a dock by the lake, or just kicking it on your college campus quad, we’re guessing a cool drink will be by your side. And how do you plan to keep those drinks cold?

Since we know you are a tech savvy student who is always looking forward to the next product or device to make your life easier, we thought you’d appreciate the latest invention to come from Portland, Ore. designer Ryan Grepper. Ryan has come up with a total renovation of the modern cooler. Known as the Coolest, this is definitely not your grandfathers travel ice chest.

The Coolest, which is featured on Kickstarter and has exceeded initial funding expectations, raising more than $4 million in backing to-date, is outfitted with all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a 21 century cooler.

Perhaps the most notable feature is the built in blender powered by a 18-volt battery that can provide all the ice crushing and drink blending power you need to serve up your favorite drinks or smoothies.

That battery also serves to power a waterproof USB charger so will never have to worry about your smartphone dying while you are out enjoying the sun. That’s great news because the Coolest also includes Bluetooth enabled speakers that can connect to your iPhone or Android device to keep the music rocking all day long.

And, if those features weren’t enough to woo you, Ryan’s also designed an LED light strip in the lid of the cooler so you can see exactly what you are reaching for when the sun goes down.

Add to that a built-in bottle opener, storage areas  for re-usable plates and forks and bungee cords so you can carry all of your gear right on top of your Coolest and you have the makings of not just a great product, but a great day in the sun.

The Coolest has been designed in orange as well as an array of other mouthwatering shades including: Margarita, Blue Curacao, Blue Moon, Sangria, Steel Reserve and Cosmo.

The first set of Coolest Coolers is expected to be manufactured at the beginning of 2016, just in time for tailgating season! The Coolest would also make a great graduation gift.