Looking for Love? There’s an App for That!

School should be the ideal place to meet your perfect mate, right? You are surrounded by your peers in lecture halls, the library and at social functions but more often then not, striking up a romantic conversation in these situations is harder then it seems.  I mean, who wants to whisper a pick up line with the librarian looming? Good for you there are a number of dating sites to help college students find friends, dates and even, love.

1. DateMySchool – Specifically designed with college students (and alumni) in mind, this dating site requires users to have a school email address to register. The site was created four years ago by a Columbia University M.B.A., and is now available at more than 1,000 schools nationwide. Another plus of the site is that it is possible for members to set privacy levels so they can or cannot be seen by certain classmates or departments.

2. OK Cupid – The creators of this dating app must have aced their statistics courses in school because it prides itself on its mathematical algorithm that matches users through a percentages of  their similarities. The Boston Globe also called the site the Google of dating.

3. Grouper – Perfect for those students who prefer a group dynamic, Grouper calls itself a social club and sets up dates among two groups of friends. Once you join, you set up a day and time, bring along two friends and your potential match brings two friends so it’s three and three. Odds are if you don’t find love, you’re at least likely to find new friends.

4. Tinder – Consider yourself warned, you could come become addicted to this app. Tinder creators have made it similar to a mobile game where users swipe through potential candidates until one catches your eye and you can “like” them. Users sign up through their Facebook accounts and can be matched with those with common interests or friends in common.

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/derekskey/