Job Interview Fashions That Say, ‘Your Hired’

If you have your eye on a spring graduation, you may soon be finding yourself in the midst of a job hunt as well. For new graduates in particular, it is essential to impress potential interviewers by walking into an interview dressed like you already have the job.

While what you wear may depend on your chosen career field, a good rule of thumb is that it’s better to overdress than underdress for an interview.


A well-cut blazer is one of the best ways to show your professional side. And while pantsuits had their heyday years ago, today even Hillary has moved on. Feel free to show a bit of creativity by pairing a traditional black blazer with a flowy tank underneath, skinny dress pants, and a nice pair of heels. If you want to stand out, pick a brightly colored blazer and wear it over a shift dress and a sensible pair of flats. A pencil skirt with a fitted blouse worn tucked in with a belt and a pair of heels can also do the trick in the event you don’t have a blazer or the time to go buy one.

While many people will tell you have to wear panty house to an interview if you wear a skirt, it’s becoming more and more of an outdated trend. Use your best judgment. If the job you are applying for allows their employees to that wear jeans to work everyday, you can probably get away with ditching the hose. Be sure to tie your outfit together with a killer bag and sensible jewelry like peal or diamond studded earrings.

femaleoutfit We love this pairing from the style mavens over at Polyvore.


Men should also plan to wear a modern jacket that fits well and in most cases, a tie, especially when not wearing wear a full suit. The decision to wear a suit really depends on the type of job you are trying to get. If there is any doubt, just wear the suit. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Make sure you take care to iron your dress shirt and slacks before an interview and be sure to wear a pair of dress shoes that are in good condition (interviewers do notice). A belt is a must to tie your outfit together. If you have dressier watch it’s a nice touch to add to the outfit as well.

These days more and more men are carrying bags, it’s a great idea to bring one along to the interview to hold an extra copy of your resume and a pen, just be sure the bag you choose looks nice (no backpacks) and is appropriate with your outfit. Remember to shave the morning of the interview and it never hurts to get a haircut a few days before hand.

maleoutfitThe folks over at ASOS FashionFinder nailed it with this look.