How Has Technology Changed Your Chapter?

It’s funny to think that when I was in college, Friendster and then Myspce were the big boys. And by big boys, I am referring to the major social networks. It wasn’t until about senior year when thefacebook, or now “facebook” really made a big push, opened to colleges nationwide and started to gain market share. In the same way that Facebook has connected the world, it feels like this technology has also alienated people and made people less social.

First, Facebook changed the entire process of rush for many fraternities and sororities across the nation. With Facebook, it was now possible to engage with potential rushees even before rush began. It was easy to build that connection through “friending” them and learn more about them quickly as well as inform them of upcoming events. The opposite side of this is of course that lost of a geniune connection. While you might be friends with someone on Facebook, how well do you really know them in real life? Or was it after a random party that you met once you added them and haven’t seen them since?

The second argument about how technology (specifically facebook) has made us less social is that a lot of people just don’t talk in person any more. Instead of picking up a phone and hearing the voice of a long lost friend or relative, we often resort to technology… facebook wall posts, SMS, email. Wall posts have replaced birthday cards and hand written invitations replaced by event invites.

How has technology changed your technology?

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