Graduation Year Tips for Seniors – Part 2: Networking

Keeping in touch with friends and colleagues can be a very tricky task for graduating seniors.  Think back to high school and all of your friends who went to different colleges or did their own thing after.  Now these might have been the pre-twitter or even pre-facebook days for some, but keeping in touch was still a huge challenge.

Fast forward to present day and now think of college.  The contacts you’ve made over the past 4 or 5 years can go a long way and may be valuable to you in your professional and social life, and vice versa.  Keep in touch with these people and continually grow your network (side note: if you are interested in networking, check out the book “Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi).  That said, today’s online and good ol’ fashion tools and techniques make it easier than ever to stay in touch.  Here’s 3 simple tips on how to do so and continually build that bridge rather than breaking it.

1) Filter through the noise, be different!  Facebook wall posts, messages, and event invites often get overlooked.  Filter through thenoise when keeping in touch or reaching out to friends.  A personalized email, a twitter DM, gasp… or even a hand written letter go such a long ways!

2) Sign-up for  Your friends may have contacts you may need, you may have some they may need.  Best way to reach out to these people?  LinkedIn.  No need for these people to see your keg stand photos and party days of college.  Stay in touch on this professional platform and move your career forward!

3) Collect non-school email addresses.  Your email is likely to expire a year or 2 after you graduate.  Grab personal emails, gmails, or yahoo! mails.

Hope these were of help!

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